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This is not something that we've wanted to do as we value our distant listeners.   When we set up our internet stream we were unaware that Congress had passed a special copyright law that applies only to internet stations.

It turns out that internet stations have to pay special royalties to recording companies and to performers.   FM radio stations have to pay royalties only to composers and publishers.  Responding to pressure from record labels  Congress  set up a special company to collect the royalties and this company rakes in close to a billion dollars every year.    Internet stations could be required to pay thousands of dollars every year to big record companies and also to music stars who are already fabulously wealthy.   The internet copyright law has plenty of potential to destroy internet radio just as it has destroyed our webcast.    Rather than risk being sued for a fortune we've pulled the plug on our stream.   Clearly this law benefits a handful of rich people  to the detriment of the listening public.  It should be repealed.   You might write to  your senators or members of the U. S. House of Representatives.