Public Service Announcements

Most radio stations don't air local public service announcements but CAVE-FM is a strong believer in community involvement so we air a public service announcement once each hour.   There are a few rules that you should know about:

1)   The announcement must benefit a nonprofit organization and we need to know the name of that organization.
2)   We will not give free plugs to businesses that are set up for profit unless they are CAVE sponsors.
3)   We are not set up to take public service announcements over the telephone.  Don't call us with information.
4)   If you are having a special event and it is more than two weeks in the future, don't give us the information yet.   We'll probably lose it.  Send it later.
5)   You don't need to write the copy but make sure you give us all the basics besides the name of the organization.  We need the time,  date and location of any special event, and ideally, a phone number that people can call for more information. 

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