Iím CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof.   For many years Iíve been seeing and 
hearing news reports about people who got sentenced to horrible prison 
sentences when their only crime was possession of pieces of paper or in 
more cases the person was caught with dirty pictures on his computer.  
About two years ago the thought occurred to me that as a broadcaster 
maybe I could do something to help these unfortunate people who are in 
many cases doing life in prison and maybe help keep other people out of 
prison.   I came up with a one minute public service message which I 
aired late at night.   It started out by explaining that Arizona has a 
law about possession of child pornography that is the most stringent in 
the nation in that it carries a mandatory ten year prison sentence for 
each image found.    In the second half of my message I suggested that 
if for any reason a person has such material he take measures to 
prevent  having to spend years behind bars.      For about two years the 
only response I got from this message was an occasional complaint that 
the message was depraved.   But nothing much happened until a few days 
ago when someone recorded the message off the radio and posted it on 
Facebook.   Suddenly it exploded. I began getting phone calls from 
television stations in Tucson. Then TV stations in Phoenix and from the 
Phoenix based Arizona Republic newspaper.   Then national news services 
began to contact me.   Even the BBC in London has done a report on my 
announcement.  And the calls from news organizations keep on coming.    
Iím delighted with the exposure that we have received. If nothing else 
it has really put tiny Benson on the map even though our city officials 
probably donít appreciate any of this.

Judging by the posts on Facebook and other web sites it is clear that a 
lot of people have managed to misunderstand what I said in my one minute 
announcement.   Many people seem to think that I have expressed the 
opinion that child abuse is fine and dandy.  I never said that.   These 
same people think I said that production of child pornography is fine 
and dandy.  I never said that. Others think that I believe that 
dissemination of child pornography is fine and dandy.   I never said 
that. Still others think that Iím telling people to break the law.  I 
never said that.  Some conclude that I must be  a pedophile.   I am not 
a pedophile and I donít have any child pornography in my possession and 
have a hard time understanding why anyone would want it. But I do 
understand that there are some folks out there who do like this material 
and I feel some sympathy for their plight.

I feel that my announcement has served its purpose but it also has 
caused a lot of misunderstanding and strained emotions.   Thatís why I 
have taken it off the air.

Now letís say a few words about the self appointed guardians of the 
public morals.   These are the people who have pointed their fingers at 
me.   These are the people who have demanded that this station be shut 
down because we are immoral.   These are the people who use the 
strangest tactics to spread their moral values.   These moralists try to 
get their way by using threats and intimidation.   These moralists have 
threatened our employees and have threatened our advertising clients.   
These moralists object to pornography but you should hear the obscene 
messages that they leave on our answering machines.  These moralists 
have threatened to come and get me.   These moralists are nothing but 
mobsters and raving hypocrites.   They use the most unethical tactics to 
promote their moral values. In the name of upholding the law they break 
the law.

If you are one of our many supporters and you receive threats from these 
mobsters you can report it to the proper authorities or simply hang up 
on them.

To those who continue to support CAVE-FM I extend my most sincere thank 
you.   We will not be intimidated by an angry self righteous mob and I 
plan to keep CAVE-FM on the air and serving the public as we have done 
since 1983.

Iím CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof and the opinions youíve heard are mine and 
not necessarily anyone elseís.   If youíd like to express your opinions 
or youíd like a copy of this editorial go to the CAVE web site.  Weíre 
at CAVEFM.com.   Thatís CAVEFM.com