Iím CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof.   If youíve been paying attention to the news reports you have noticed that there have been some angry protest demonstrations against the economic sanctions that our state and federal governments have imposed on us in the name of health.   The protests are happening in various parts of the nation and there have been some at the state capitol in Phoenix. These people are concerned about being deprived of their most basic American rights, not to mention being deprived of their ability to earn a living.   They realize that controlling the spread of the Covid virus is important but they also realize that preventing sickness isnít the only thing that matters.   Iím sure that Iím not the only person who is weary of looking at year round Halloween.

Perhaps this would be a good time to look past the scare campaign of the century and take a closer look at the Corona virus and what it really does and doesnít do.   Very likely the biggest misconception about this virus is the notion that if you catch it you might as well kiss your rear end goodbye.    The fact is that Corona is far from a death sentence and nearly everyone who catches it survives and recovers.   But all we hear is how many people have died from it.   Weíre not told that most of the casualties were in very poor physical condition when they caught the disease.    We hear little about the multitudes of people who were sick with Corona and are now doing fine.  Moreover we have nothing to compare the death numbers with such as the number of people who have died from other causes such as cancer or heart disease.  Letís take a look at some facts and figures.  According to statistics from the Arizona Department of Health Services about 59,000 people die per year  in Arizona from all causes.  Heart disease and cancer are the two leading killers, each  at about twelve thousand deaths a year.  Over a typical two month period about 9,800 people die in Arizona.   Over approximately the same period of time 187 people have died from the Corona virus. Percentage wise, Corona amounts to about two percent of all deaths in this state.  You heard right, only about two percent of all deaths in Arizona have been attributed to Corona since the outbreak began.   Another fact is that among those who catch the virus about 98 percent survive.
Why arenít our public officials telling us these facts?   Because thatís not how a scare campaign works.   Itís not the virus that is causing the havoc but rather it is our public officials insisting that we attempt to shut down the nation to prevent the virus from spreading.

Shutting down the nation is a classic example of a cure thatís worse than the disease.   Badly needed goods and services are not being produced and millions of people have lost their incomes not because of the virus but because of our governmentís reaction to the virus.

But itís not just the state and federal government that are damaging us. Itís also selfish business executives who are interested in cutting costs and maximizing profits.  Banks are big offenders.  They are using the virus as an excuse to close many of  their branches, and those that are open keep closing earlier and earlier.  All that does is to generate bigger crowds at the branches that are open when they are open.   Supermarkets are playing the same game with their early closing times.   These tactics shouldnít be allowed.   If we are supposed to keep away from each other, those business that are allowed to be open should be keeping regular hours.

Probably the biggest single problem with the reaction to the virus is the idea that in order to prevent its spread we must stay away from everyone.   The concept is that since we donít know who is infected we must assume that everyone is infected whether they are or they arenít.   Even if only one person in thousands actually is infected we must close down nearly everything so that we can keep our distance from everyone.   A much more sensible approach would be to find out who really is infected and who isnít.   Isolate those who are infected and let the rest of us lead normal lives including going back to work.   But before that can happen we need to mass produce the tests which for some reason are in short supply.  If you think you might have Corona you shouldnít have to go through a bunch of hassles just to get tested.    Improved testing should be a national priority, not shutting down the state and the nation.

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