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First a message from CAVEMANager Paul Lotsof:    Below you see many suggestions on how CAVE FM might improve its service to its many listeners.   Some of these ideas are well thought out and have merit.   Most of them have one thing in common: They require either a lot of someoneís time or a good chunk of cash in order to implement.  Not too many people are willing to work for free so when you talk about time and effort you are also talking money. There is only one way for a radio station to spend money and that is to first  sell advertising.   Problem is that the owners of nearly all the businesses in our coverage area are unwilling to buy our advertising even when our rates are dirt cheap.    A good salesperson would be the answer to our dreams but they are nearly impossible to find.   Itís hard to improve service with hardly any revenues.

Some of you are complaining that our signal is weak and noisy in some areas.   No radio station covers all of Planet Earth and if you go far enough from our transmitting facility the signal will get weak.    But there is a solution and it is our internet stream which you can listen to all over the nation and in some foreign countries as well.   Should be loud and clear just about anywhere.
Use your computer or smart phone instead of a radio.

I plan to continue to cover and criticize the Benson city officials as long as I continue to be in charge of CAVE-FM.
 Iíd like to thank all of you for your thoughts.  Now that Iíve had my say here are your comments with the most recent ones coming first:

IHey, you have a good radio station. You are better than all the others put together. Is there anything you can do like more power or something else so we can hear you better in the Hereford and Palominos area?

I love the choice of music, but the playing all known versions of the same song in a row is extremely annoying. Also, PLEASE, please stop with the ridiculous, offensive and negative commentary in your editorials and worked into the commercials you write! It's small-minded and an embarrassing representation of Benson! Try being positive and professional for once!

I like the cave music. do not change any of it. Some of Bernie Sanders people told me that if we vote for him he will give us good things in Benson. He will get us a modern hospital and new schools. Who can say no to that. He will force the employers to give everyone more money. Let everyone vote for that. .

I listen to many radio stations. I guess I listen to your radio station more than the others. I don't think your comments and editorials go far and deep enough. It is a commonly known fact that the whole area from J-6 to Benson to St. David and to Pomerene is controlled by organized crime.. I am completely convinced but have no proof that the Villages at Vigneto are backed by organized crime and they have threatened local elected officials if they would not back the project. It is away for the organized crime people to milk every cent out the people in the area. I wish you would expose this to the public. I understand you need to protect your radio station and your employees so if you can't air this I will understand.

It's a great station. I love the selection of music you choose, especially the classic concerts. As far as El Dorado Holdings goes, they have a track record of success building communities with thousands of homes in places you wouldn't think about. If they succeed, it would improve your business.

I like you radio even though it is in Benson. Way to many strange people here. Last week a man told me that people from outer space are watching us. I wonder if the space men like you radio.

The people of Benson need your help. A couple of times last week I some some guys downtown who had Nazi signs on their shirts and on their car. Please tell everybody to call or e mail the Police Chief, the Sheriff and the Mayor and tell them we don't want these swastika men in our town. PLEASE HELP, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. These people are really bad people. Everybody will listen to you because you own the radio. I wanted to put some dog poop on the hood of their car, but I couldn't because they were watching me.

Hey what is going on with your radio? A friend told me they were listening a few nights ago and there were disk jockeys using obscene words on the radio. They said it was pretty bad. When they told me I thought it was funny. Can you say dirty words on the radio now? I'm going to start listening more and hope I can hear filthy talk.

Get rid of Joaquin (Waw Keen) and his Red Neck ESPN sports crap. He has a deep voice that probably makes people think that he is an authority rather than someone who is overly constipated. And his El Magnifico is simply bragadocicio Bovine By Product. The rest of your line up is actually quite entertaining. The spots done by the Station Manager are really entertaining given his voice. I'm certainly not making fun of him. I have a voice that has dogged me all of my life. I enjoy your broadcasts with the exception of the early morning show, which would be fine if not for El Magnifico and his unsolicited athletic expertise in every given sport. I thought that CAVE was a country music station. None of the DJs on the other stations that I listen to waste time on their sports opinions and perceived expertise there of that can be better used by playing music. On another path, have you ever thought of starting a Television station? This area could certainly use one and I think that you guys would do very well given your independent spirit regarding public and civil affairs. That's my story and I'm stickin to it! Have a great week and weekend! Be excellent to each other, and Party On Dudes!!!

I am a school teacher so I am giving your radio station a report card: MUSIC A+ : D.J.'s C- : EDITORIALS F : COMMERCIALS C+. My report cards to the other country stations in the area are far worse. Work hard and next semester your grades should improve.

I would like to make two comments if I may. First, you play a great variety of music, but your on-air employees are sub par. I don't want to harp on that too much. Second, since I don't live in the area I have no real interest in your editorials. However your editorial about the young people in Benson you hit the nail right on the head with that one. Unfortunately most small towns are experiencing the same problem and have been for years. One suggestion that may help would be to host and broadcast a town hall type meeting. Get some articulate teenagers, some local politicians and some local businessmen to openly discuss the topic. My guess is a lot of people would tune in and listen especially if you would advertise it in advance. A show like this would show that you and your station really care about the people, businesses and area you call home.

I listen to all three country stations in the area, KAVV, KTAN & KWCD. I enjoy all three, depending on what I am in the mood for. I feel your station is the best. If you make changes don't make too many because you are doing a good job. Most of my friends also like your station. One of them (who shall remain unnamed) use to work at the two S.V. stations.

play less country and more oldies

Tucson has the worst traffic jams most big cities due I understand freedom of speech air waves some Tucsonans take offense

You can "Tighten up" your music and DJ segues in and out of the music and keep them from saying the same things in the SAME way all the time! There's no creativity! Have the Morning guy stop fumbling around, Wasting words on his description of the "6:15" music section where he spotlights a favorite singer. It's an "artist spotlight," and that's all he has to say! Also during sports, he sounds like there's a private JOKE going on between him and one or two of his buddies texting him! Where does that leave the rest of the listeners? Listeners don't know what the TEXT says! He's laughing away & we're wondering what the Hell's being said! (?) That's RUDE RADIO! And very offensive! . Sounding overall better-- advertisers will approach CAVE radio! Then, all you'll need is 1-2 hotshot sales people! One thing.. please.. don't change the music format, it sounds good!

I hate everything in Benson. I hate the cops, Walmart, the restaurants, the schools, the newspaper and your radio station. As soon as I get a job out of the area I am leaving and will never return even though I have friends and family here. If you were smart you would leave Benson too. Take you radio station to Tucson or Phoenix or even Los Angeles where you can make some real big money. I hope Benson, St. David, Pomerene, J-6 and the whole area becomes one big ghost town. There should have never been a town here.
Have less commercials

Those of us who took your survey are a group of young people ranging in age from 14 to 22. We are inspired and called to action by your editorials. We just don't know what we can do to stop the graft and corruption in our local government. Some of our younger members just want to hold protests and picket city hall. But we all agree that is only superficial. We want to do something that will have a lasting impact. Two of our members are taking classes in Public Administration and want to run for city council in the future. Maybe more people from Benson will join us in our fight against the local government. If everyone would become part of a letter writing campaign and write to our elected officials on a regular basis, they might realize that people are watching them and hold them accountable. Thanks Mr, Lotsof for inspiring us with your editorials and news reporting.

Best radio station in Southern Arizona. If you change what you are doing, I'll start listing to another station. I know you don't support the Vigneto project, but I do. If they build all those houses my business will prosper. Please don't stand in the way of progress. The Benson-St.David area doesn't always have to be a backwards communit

I like the cave. I like the cave music. KHIL, KWCD and KTAN are bad country stations. Why can't the government stop them from broadcasting? If Bernie Sanders gets elected president I bet he would shut them down and send the owners to prison.

Seems you"re doing just fine.

I hate country music. It is for mental defectives and perverts. I want you to play rap, grunge and all other forms of alternative music. Again I hate country music ! ! ! All people who like it should be deported to the worst third world country on the planet and made to wallow in their own waste products ! ! !

Improve the news feed

The format is great, I love the music. You have a distinctive sound with your music mix. The morning show leaves a lot to be desired but the rest of the personalities do a good job.

 I like your radio station. Since the area has a very large LDS population could you please have some shows that are geared to the LDS people. For example a LDS talks show, I know many LDS leaders who would be glad to host the show for free.


I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma and other towns in Arizona and have listened to many country stations. I think you have the best country station in the whole U.S of A. To all those ranchers and farmers who listen to the country stations from Sierra Vista, I hope their cows explode, their pigs spontaneously burst into flames and their chickens refuse to lay eggs. If they listen to the Cave, I hope they prosper.

Juaquin should limit his insipid interminable chatter. I listen to the radio for music, classic country, and y'all play too much modern stuff which sounds like pop or sickening rap!  

I like the music you play. Keep up the good work. On your web site I like that you went back to mentioning your advertisers, however, I also liked when you had the Nielsen ratings on the website. Could you have both of them on the website? Thanks

I like the classic country

Play more music

I enjoy some of the personal life stories so I get to know the person speaking. I like the songs you play that I never heard before (old country classics especially that tell a story). Good country makes me CRY and gets my attention. Also life stories about the person singing the songs. LIFE IS GOOD !

I think you ad for the cave bumper sticker is very offensive. You may not like the city manager, but you are rude. Either you are part of the problem or the solution. From the sound of the ad regarding the Mayor, you are part of the problem. Especially the morning host, he is very offensive about many issues, football, etc. i DON'T listen to him anymore . Please remove HIM.

I personally would like to go back to old country. When away from Benson, we listen to Sierus, Willys Roadhouse.

for the most powerful station in Cochise County CAVE-FM does not really cover a large area at all. it's in and out depending how deep the dip in the road is. put an antenna on the mountain

I think that the radio station does a fine job. Keep up the good work.

No basic changes except more in folk era. Like the Kingston Trio but could be more diverse in their song list.

Lose your political bias. Support golf. People use public parks for free at least golf makes some income. Promote golf instead of negative jive.

You have a great station. You run circles around KWCD and KTAN.

I like your music. Your on-air people are just fair. I know the area is a little backwards so they are probably the best you can find. All the real good one's moved away and work at big stations . Drop the editorials and do what you do best - GOOD COUNTRY MUSIC-

Keep on keeping on......

Being in Benson gives you some hometown character which, with the kind of music you play, is your #1 asset. Don't move. It's a great sound and with the internet, I can listen in my office, car or house in Chicago.

Promote what's happening in Tombstone a bit more. Tell us where/when people can go for entertainment - like in particular: out to dance. I was disappointed you didn't include my fave of all time in the selections of #4: George Strait

Keep playing classic country!

You have a great radio station. Some of your on-air people leave a lot to be desired. However, I still listen to the CAVE instead of KWCD and KTAN

Don't change a thing

Well, I listen in the mornings and although I donít like sports at least he tries to make it entertaining.  Who is Bill? Sounds like a 1960ís lounge lizard. Not amusing. Played out. I also like the lady thatís on the air some days. Donít hear her all the time but she sounds gorgeous. Has a silky voice. Anyway, just my take on the station. Thank you for your time. Charisse

For 1 you have a cheap website and in mobile view it is worse than in desk top mode. It has the ugliest background color and the banner at the top should be a slide show of different pictures like what's there, the cave bumper sticker, pictures of cave radio on air announcers, cave on air advertisers logos on there etc. Make is more lively. Show a clock and show a weather app. Put more on the website and make the radio station look to be a million dollars. The website is a strong representation of your radio station, make it stand strong. Thanks Ryan

Throw in a few classic rock songs

Like it just the way it is.

 That Scott on Friday nights is as entertaining as watching paint dry. Your morning guy likes himself way too much and the guy on at 10 is he even alive

I especially would like to hear even more songs from the 60s or before, and of various genres and not only country western.

Make some changes to the playlist. Add more oldies.

I like it as is

I especially would like to hear even more songs from the 60s or before, and of various genres and not only country western.

Make some changes to the playlist. Add more oldies.

The cave is so nice I wouldn't change a thing

Play viarious artist not the same dumb a-- songs over &over again Thanks Bob in Pomerene

Interactive speakers. Bring outside individuals in for live discussions.
Just keep playing good old country music

1. Preserve your reputation as a unique and local radio station by playing classic country and by not succumbing to pressure to play current or 'popular' country as all other country stations are doing. 2.I like the idea of taking requests like in the old days. 3. Keep your ads related to local businesses and events.

I'd like a wider variety of classic country. I've submitted a few suggestions but none of them have been added to the playlist that I have noticed.

play some 1950s/1960s

A sprinkling of clean one liner jokes. Always enjoy a good belly laugh to brighten my day . LOVE the KAVE. Thank you for the best music in our great state .

Get rid of the cats

Good radio Sometimes I get so moved by your music I bite the heads off of small birds and lizards.

Play a bigger variety of songs instead of the same 50 to 100--there are plenty of choices and tell the dj's they are not there to give their opinions about the artist/songs they play. I don't want to hear what they think about them..Joaquin should be very quiet, and Chris should not ramble on about his TV/movie knowledge--this is radio!

Less Sports

I think it's good the way it is

It's good for now.

A lot of the modern "pop country" music is lame, so it is hard to choose good playlists from them
Cover Tucson area. I am moving to Tucson and hate with a passion to hear 10 or more minutes of constant commercials. find a way to boost the signal strength and don't "think" will I get caught..... Mexican stations can cut into the coverage area over powering stations in the Untied States, do what would you boosting the signal strength matter? Get a box that would phony your readings and one hidden with the boosting on it, then the FCC WON'T ever find out a thing. Common sense.

Just don't add in very many of the new country.

Pay Joaquin more than $2.20 an hour! Haha. And try to keep the CAVEMANager off the air!!! He's rude and offensive and makes the DJ's look bad.

Listening range and its a sorry situation that the city really wants to make it so difficult for you to upgrade your facility. They should be ashamed of the eye sore that exist.

Maintain your integrity and keep telling the truth

I enjoy the music you play. Sometimes the signal could be stronger.

I like the older music. I like your conservative politics. Keep talking about El Dorado, it's a fiasco waiting to happen. It would be a disaster to our water table!

Don't CAVE into the newest Country. Keep mixing in sprinkles of new while playing the good Classic! You can never go wrong with a fiddle in the band!!

Update the western music, more el manifico, and have a listen call in show also more local news.

Keep it exactly as it is. Stay online so I can listen. I love the music that is programmed and even the DJ's for the most part.

More city updates to let the public know what is going on at city hall.

play Wallon Jennings for 24hrs !!!  

keep on keepin on

You might try masking tape on the morning DJ. When he starts blowing about how much he knows about sports and then giggles at himself, that's when we turn your station off. He is very offensive to listen to. Other than that, we think CAVE-FM is a great radio station.

More music and Less talking :)

Keep playing the good classic country

Local News. Who Ann Roberts is bullying. Who the Sheriff is bullying. Be a voice, as you have been, for the little folks in your listening area. We have a judge who was a chiropractor who has no spine to the Benson DA or the police. These same nuts will not let you build a new office. Why? Your voice as CaveFM will bring them down. Do not give up or sell out...except to bigger bulldogs who can bite back hard here for all the folks who have supported you.

I love it just like it is. I get a little tired of Joaquin's attitude that he is "all that"

My big worry about the ghetto of vigneto is the aquifer going dry.

It's December. I do not hear any Christmas music here,so I'm playing other stations so I can hear It. Your religious programs did a great job today. Now it's your turn, please.

Please quit wasting air time playing that stupid Chicken song. I;m tired of having to go turn the radio off every time it is played.

LOVE the editorials.. give us more..

keep on what you're doing play more 80s country thx.

I cant think of anything that would make it better, I love the CAVE !!!!!

I choose to not listen until afternoons and eves any day of the week or Saturdays. It would be so refreshing to hear different persons for all Saturday morns. I do listen on Sunday mornings (after church is done. Too many church sermons for one day!! Makes me wonder if we listeners are thought to be such terrible sinners we need so much preachin'. Do you go to three church services every Sunday morning?). Debbie is always delightful! I like the afternoon guys too. Hope you stay true to real country music. "New age" interpretations of country are sad.

It's a great station as it is. Don't change anything. I have it on my desktop at work all day and it is perfect for that, not too much talking, a little news, and a lot of good music.

Seems to be doing a good job now.

Please play "Country Swagger" by Celeste Kellogg

Stop the biased editorials by your owner/manager!!

I agree that you should play more Kenny Rogers. Keep it up not junking up the airwaves with a lot of commercials every hour like some of the other stations.

No shots at Sam Levitz bad taste in that ad

It's pretty darn good as it is but I can't stand the "homegrown" commercials--the Cochise Terrace ad which is on numerous times a day and the corny auto body shop are good examples.

Knock off the political ads. Regardless of party they are all nothing but attack, mudslinging muckraking LIES.

It's great how it is.

You're doing great. Bring back the BLUE echo button you used to have. :)

I was raised listening to all types of music, rock, rock oldies, country old and new, R&B, jazz, blues, classical and so on. I would listen to any and all of the area's radio stations and enjoyed them all. However starting about a year or so ago I began to start losing interest in most of the genres. Pardon my crudeness but most of the music played by the other radio stations in the area sounds like people breaking wind. The only music that I still enjoy listening to now is country both old and new. I really like the music you program. To answer your question about how to make the Cave better, well don't change a thing. You've have the best station and music around. Maybe you can get the FCC to allow you to increase your power and place your transmitter on top of a mountain so a lot more people can enjoy your station. Thanks for bringing great music to the area.

I just hope that if and when a buyer comes along, they will remain dedicated to the programming philosophies you have shown and followed. If I had funding, I would move to Arizona and buy the place myself, having had over 40 years radio experience.

Doing Fine

My only suggestion is to pay more attention to listeners suggested songs and add at least some of them to the Cave playlist. Some don't like your radio personalities and locally produced ads but I love the homegrown touch. Don't ever change or leave!

Keep on doing what your are doing, whatever that is as long as it is legal. BTY what is it that you do?

You have a great country station. I know that Cochise Broadcasting has a construction permit for a 100,000 watt class C station with the transmitter to be built near Dragoon. All of my friends who listen to country music wish you could get that CP. If you did you would cover such a big area you would be "King of Radio" in all of Southern Arizona. The Sierra Vista radio stations would tuck their tail between their legs a run away.

PLEASE play more western underground like Chris Ledoux and Ned LeDoux. Also please find time somewhere to talk about random historical facts of Arizona (locAL areas), up and coming "cowboy" and equine events. Even possibly broadcast from some such as Rex Allen Days or Benson Butterfield.

I like the music you play. I don't really care for the editorials. Your D.J.s are fair. Overall you have a great station, keep up the good work.

10/6/2018 3:12 PM  

Play some Australian country music occasionally. I'm sure your listeners would enjoy it as much as we Australians enjoy listening to American country music.

10/4/2018 10:42 PM  

The format with both modern and classic country music is fantastic. I listen online from Montana. Brings back great memories of hunting and camping in the TA Wash with my friends from Benson.

The format is perfect. Don't change a thing. The live on-air personalities give the station some life, unlike other automated stations, or a DJ sitting in Dallas or Chicago. Your station generates good feelings of small town nostalgia, and it reduces my stress level at work when it is playing in the background.

Hmmm.... not sure. but i do have a comment: last week? I was listening just before 0500, when an odd bit of audio came across. It was a commercial for businesses in juneau alaska. no fooling.

Your station is pretty good if you are a fan of country. I think you should play a variety of music to include rock, jazz, R&B, local and off beat talk shows, etc. Stay with country during the day and have shows with the other formats late at night or on weekends. I think a show about the evils of communism would be very important to have on the air. The God-less communists are still a very real threat to the USA ! ! ! Like they use to say "better dead than red" ! ! ! I think the communists are behind the Vigneto project. They are going to milk all the money they can from the City of Benson then walk away leaving a partially build mess behind that will harm the environment.

I really like the music you play, I wish your cavemen would act a little more like professional on-air talent. But Cochise County is still a little (sometimes a lot) behind the times, so I guess that's the best you can find. I don't mean to come down on them too hard. They are much better then pre-canned computer automated music. I do have one suggestion. If you could create a page on your website where we can list the songs and artists we want to hear played, that would be really great. I think you would get even more listeners because everyone would be hearing the songs they want. I don't listen to KWCD or KTAN because they don't play what I really like. I think a lot of other people feel the same way. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ideas.

You need to let Debby on more. and what happened to Shotgun Sherry. we really did like her,, they seem to play more of the older songs.

Play more new country

I really love country music both old and new, but I mostly the older music. I only listen to CAVE-FM and Sirius Satellite. All the other stations and just poor copies of CAVE and Sirius. Now that you are back streaming on the internet I can listen when I'm out of state. Which sometimes is 3 or 4 times a month. I wish you could go back on 1210 AM in Tucson and even in all the other populated cities in Arizona like Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff and Yuma. People who really understand and love country music will flip head over heals for the CAVE.

keep playing the real country music NOT the pop country!

Love your station, the other country stations in the area are marginal at best. To make your station better please expand the list of songs you play, especially the older classic songs and performers.

I usually listen late at night and was wondering if you could broadcast unconventional and paranormal programs in the wee hours of the morning. There are a lot of people who believe that we are being watched by aliens from other planets. The whole community needs to be aware of this situation. If you broadcast these types of programs in the day, you would probably loose some listeners and advertisers. But you should probably be OK doing it late at night. The true and enlightened believers would be loyal to you forever. I tried to get some other radio stations in the area interested but they just laughed at me. Well eventually the last laugh will be on them when the aliens come to earth and make contact. 

More Hank Snow!

I think all of you are doing a great job. I think that there are rare, older people in our area of Southern AZ. that you could get interviews with. Their history would be a great interest to folks that live here and that are visiting.

I like the music you play, I don't like your adds and your cavemen. Tell your cavemen to keep their mouth shut and just play music. The rest of my friends from high school feel the same as me.

What the Benson/St. David/Pomerene area needs is a great country station. Stop playing rock and roll and switch to country. That is why I listen to the Sierra Vista stations.

More editorials about what is happening in Cochise County. I love when we all get involved and comment on the corruption and BS that's going on. If we all remain silent we deserve to be duped. Information is key today and most of us don't get the real thing/truth. Controversy creates opportunity, stir more people up and maybe you will get more peoples attention and some advertisers, (Good Controversy) we all know there are many out there looking to trip you up. Discovery is the worst enemy of the BS'er. The station is fine but I grew up in the 70's, there is a boatload of country and country fried rock that you're completely missing. Yes, stations are changing and people want something more diverse so mix it up more and please include some of the country from the 70's and 80's that was a big time when country began to change. Once in a great while you touch a little on that time frame and then skip right over it. Charlie Daniels, Marshal Tucker, Skynyrd, Ceedence, Outlaws, Little Feet, Nitty Gritty to name a few. Oh and give Debbie more coffee. Keep up the good work.

The list of artists on your survey is OK but who I really like is Johnny Horton, Walter Brennan (especially "Old Rivers" and "Farmer and the Lord". Joanne by Michael Nesmith, and most every thing by Kenny Rogers. Could you add these artists to your survey? Thanks and keep on playing the best country music in the area.

Every time I listen to other country stations like KWCD and KTAN I become extremely flatulent. That has never happened to me when listing to CAVE-FM. I attribute that to you play the best country music in the whole damn region. Don't change a thing.

I like the music you play, it is the best. also I like to hit myself in the head with a 2x4

I don't know if you can make the Cave any better. It is the best station in Southern Arizona, to include Tucson. You run circles around the stations in Sierra Vista.

I use to listen to KWCD, but now that I found your station the CAVE is all that I listen to. All the other CW stations in the area are second class.

PLEASE play more western underground like Chris Ledoux and Ned LeDoux. Also please find time somewhere to talk about random historical facts of Arizona (locAL areas), up and coming "cowboy" and equine events. Even possibly broadcast from some such as Rex Allen Days or Benson Butterfield.

 I like the music you play. I don't really care for the editorials. Your D.J.s are fair. Overall you have a great station, keep up the good work.

 Play some Australian country music occasionally. I'm sure your listeners would enjoy it as much as we Australians enjoy listening to American country music.

 The format with both modern and classic country music is fantastic. I listen online from Montana. Brings back great memories of hunting and camping in the TA Wash with my friends from Benson.

The format is perfect. Don't change a thing. The live on-air personalities give the station some life, unlike other automated stations, or a DJ sitting in Dallas or Chicago. Your station generates good feelings of small town nostalgia, and it reduces my stress level at work when it is playing in the background.

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