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First a message from CAVEMANager Paul Lotsof:    Below you see many suggestions on how CAVE FM might improve its service to its many listeners.   Some of these ideas are well thought out and have merit.   Most of them have one thing in common: They require either a lot of someoneís time or a good chunk of cash in order to implement.  Not too many people are willing to work for free so when you talk about time and effort you are also talking money. There is only one way for a radio station to spend money and that is to first  sell advertising.   Problem is that the owners of nearly all the businesses in our coverage area are unwilling to buy our advertising even when our rates are dirt cheap.    A good salesperson would be the answer to our dreams but they are nearly impossible to find.   Itís hard to improve service with hardly any revenues.

Nearly everyone agrees that our web site is lousy.   I wish I knew someone with both art skills and computer skills who could redesign this site at a reasonable price.   Presently we have to pay someone every time we make a change in our site.  Again, money is the drawback.

Some of the younger people suggest that we be on Facebook and Twitter.   Their reasoning seems to be that everyone else is on Facebook or Twitter so we shouldnít be different.
But these people are dead silent when it comes to how we might benefit from a Facebook or Twitter page.   Personally Iím sick to death of hearing about both and Iím hoping they will be a passing fad.   Maybe when Facebook and Twitter go away weíll also be done with rap.

 Iíd like to thank all of you for your thoughts.  Now that Iíve had my say here are your comments with the most recent ones coming first:

Keep playing the old stuff. I really like the song "Rings" by Cymarron, can't wait until it come on again......

One could always say: more music, but, I feel that you play an excellent variety and I want to hear the news about town. It's the only method that I listen to, TV doesn't cover Benson. So, I say, keep on keepin on! Loven It! Windee

Start playing some of the older songs... enough of the new stuff, some of it does not even sound like COUNTRY..

I like the variety Shotgun Sherry plays; need more like that

Keep it oleasy stool while there is some of us left

Keep playing the oldies!

All radio stations promote gags and gimmicks, why don't you put a garbage can in front of your station and announce for everybody to throw in their CDs they don't like. Stuff like rap, old acid rock or even crappy country music. Then you can announce the type of music or artists the people of Benson don't like. If you get a lot of CD's maybe you can have a yard sale and give the money to charity

More country music and anouncers slow their talking down. I can't understand most of their words. mainly Bill Alexander!

I really like the music. To me it has a lot of old style country and a good mix of old and new.

I love your current format. Great mix of early country western (40's-70's) AND current artists. The fact that you don't play the same formulaic loop every four hours is greatly appreciated! I live in Yuma, but have a "homestead" in McNeal, everytime we're in town YOU are all we listen to (except for the 3 hours that Rush is on). Keep up the great work & Merry Christmas!

Tell Wakean to stop that uh oh spegettio shit..sounds like a retard from Paul Roots class

You might make Cave FM a better radio station by firing your current Manager named Paul. He bad mouths anything he can possibly bad mouth. That shows a poor, poor image on your radio station. As a matter of fact it lowers the image of your station. Less bad mouthing and more positive light being spoken on the radio will gain more listeners.

You are not going to like my comment but I think it needs to be said. I think with all the negative things that come out of your editorials and comments it is no wonder why many of the local businesses don't want to advertise with you. It is one thing to share your opinion and another thing to imply that everyone else is stupid if they don't agree with you. Your latest editorial tells the story. You got mad because SSVEC threatened to cut off your electricity because you didn't pay the bill. Then you went on a rant how they advertise with other radio stations and not with you. Since your editorial was so negative against them, if there was even a small chance of them doing some advertising with your station, you just slammed and locked the door against that ever happening. How many other businesses in the Benson area have you driven away? Maybe you should re-think and pick and choose your battles more carefully.

stop with the stupid sports reports from Joaquin. He is beyond bad with them.

You have your niche, it's good as it is.

Play all OLD MUSIC Hank Williams, Eddie Arnold ETC.

Don't change a thing! If i wanted to listen to the "new" or "hot" country I would listen to a different station. I would like to request two musicians be added to the cave's play list and they are Paul Bogart and Chris LeDoux.

Stay doing what your doing. Stay LIVE!!! Don't pipe in the signal, we can tell. (Well, some of us anyway.) Oh yeah, and tell Joaquin to quit givin' that cowboy lover Hummer so much air time! JK

Write more editorials.

I'm tired of CW music. I really love hard pounding, screaming alternative rock. If you can't change, because of all the cowboys in Benson, maybe you can play the alternative hard pounding rock late at night. Those of us who stay awake at night and sleep in the day , it would keep us awake.

I have lived in Benson all my life. I remember when there was no radio station in Benson. I'm really glad you brought us a station. I don't personally know many businessmen. If I meet any I will ask them to advertise on your station, I can't promise anything but I'll ask. If everyone here in Benson who knows a business owner asks them to advertise, maybe you'll get more clients.

Get an all jazz station nothing but. Call it town center radio. Play more of the lesser know jazz greats like chet baker. But I would also like to hear more Johnny Cash.

Play better music

was thinking about your comments about Facebook & Twitter and how you hope they are just a passing fad. Let me tell you a story about a passing fad. During World War II my uncle repaired and installed radio and radar equipment while in the Army Air Corps. He was very knowledgeable of all things electronic and broadcasting. After the war, he told me he had the opportunity to use his GI bill to go to school to learn the technical aspects of an up and coming new medium. After giving it a great deal of thought, he said no because he thought it was just a passing fad and it had no future. That upstart new "fad" was television. You might not like it, but social media may not be just a passing fad. Since it is free, take advantage of it, try to use it, play with it to help your business, and hopefully your bottom line. Thank you for letting me share my opinion with you.

Thanks for bringing a radio station to Benson 30+ years ago. I hope the business community realizes how valuable a station is to a small town and starts advertising on your station.

GREAT RADIO STATION, I hope you stay on the air for a long time to come

I have been reading some of the comments on your listener's survey. I think you should be able to sell a boat load of advertising to area psychologists and psychiatrists. It appears that there is quite a client base here in Benson for them.

Get rid of the birthday song lady.... And the way she sang Amazing Grace was an embarrassment

Please bring back online version or app

Carry High School sports

You mix both old and new country, but I like only new country. Old country was yesterday's music, new country is today's music. Why look back when you can look forward?

Wow I'm really going to miss your stream on the internet. I figured you guys had that all figured out about the royalties and everything. Too bad I really like your format I don't think I'll be moving to Southeastern Arizona anytime soon but I love it down there!

I am sick and tired of country why don't you change to grunge and goth music, nobody else plays that kind of music, you would be the first and would have the monopoly on that format. Put that music on the web and you would get people to listen from all over the country. Just because you are from Benson doesn't mean it has to be country.

I would like more news and community events, better website and maybe some facebook. But if you don't do those things, I will still listen to your station.


I like how you refer to your on-air staff as "cavemen" and the boss refers to himself as the "CAVEMANager". Have you ever given consideration to calling your listeners "spelunkers" ? Have bumper stickers the say something like " I go spelunking in the Cave at 97.7 FM" or something similar. Maybe T-shirts that say something like I'm a 97.9 FM Spelunker". Also I wish you had more local and area news. Keep up the good work, you have a good radio station.

You are doing very good. I listen to lots of internet radio and your varity in country (classic) as well as new is impressive. THANKS !

no more rascal flats----enough already

Overall you have a good station, however, I think you have the potential to become a GREAT station. In today's world you need to reach your audience with more than just the radio. You need to reach them on the internet and on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). The younger crowd really embraces the social media and they are going to be the listeners and advertisers of the future. Grab them now. Your only real competition in the business of media is the Benson News-Sun. They are a once a week publication. Yes, they have an on-line version and a Facebook page but you can out due them on news and events because you are live 24/7. You have the ability to act fast. With a little advertising you can get Benson and the surrounding area to look to you first for news, information, music, etc.

Is the only thing Joaquin can talk about is sports? I don't mind the sports but it gets a little old. Maybe he can surprise everybody by one in a while talk about something else, possibly the history of the Benson area. I also would like a little more news and events. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

I wish you had more news from around the county.

 I think you owe it to the people of Benson and the surrounding area to use your right and privilege of editorializing to both point our the good and bad in the local government, schools businesses and the community as a whole. I know from experience it is very easy to fall into the negative trap. This is my opinion, please feel free to accept or reject my thoughts.

There is a big difference between news and editorials. I think you do a good job is keeping the two separate. One big question, why do all of your editorials have to be negative? You have the distinct privilege of being the only radio station in Benson. You are a big part of the community, whether you like it or not. Have you ever considered commenting on when the local government does something good or you like? Have you ever considered editorializing on other events in the community, both good and bad? Always being negative makes me wonder if you have a hidden agenda. By owing a media outlet you have the privilege of have a platform to express your views. This privilege comes with a great deal of responsibility.

keep on doin' what you're doing' - you far exceed other radio station. Variety makes the show, not the same 9 songs

Joaquin get him to shut his mouth or put him on the late night. When he is on i turn the channel or turn himoff
I like your radio, I always listen when I am working or driving. A lot of radio companies have an AM and an FM station, have you thought about doing that. You can do news, sports and that kind of stuff on one and good C/W music on the other.

I like your radio station good music and good on-air personalities. How about fixing up your web site and maybe adding a Facebook page. I know this is Cochise County which is usually about 20 years behind the times. Maybe you can be different and jump into the 21st century.

I know you are flying the banner against the Villages at Vigneto the highest. I think you should fly a large flag over the Vigneto site. On the flag should be an image of a large Capybara. The capybara is the world's largest rodent, it also eats its own stools. This animal is an excellent representation of Vigneto and its supporters ! ! ! ! !

I like your station, much better than KTAN and KWCD. Here are just a few thoughts. I like the city council report, wish you had more news from all over the county. Could you post your schedule and shows on you archaic web-site? How about a small 1 hour or so talk show to discuss local topics.

 love the eclectic mix on your station! I live in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs), CA. 95% of the radio stations in my local market are owned by 2 companies. I found CAVE to be a very refreshing change of pace. I spent the last two weeks in Mescal, helping a friend out on his ranch & once I found CAVE it's all I listened to. I like how you make room for older music in your format. Whoever your PD is they're doing a great job. I love Benson, everyone I met there were just great people! Shout-out to Tina at the Horseshoe, Jenny & Kassim at Galleano's & Jazzlynn at Wendy's!! I hope Benson never looses that small town feel!

I don't have a TV so I listen to the radio a lot, especially at night. I like your station

I like country & I like rock, make your station half country and half rock. Make a better webpage and add Facebook, twitter and other social media. I think you goat ropers in Benson don't know how to use social media, they can learn.

Great radio station, crappy website.

I like the section on your website that shows the listener's comments, some don't make any sense. But your web site is old looking, why not bring it up to date, and you might want to get a facebook and twitter page. Social media is where it's at to reach the younger generation.

Put some body's picture on your web site for 1 day, If they see their picture and come to the station, give them a prize, it doesn't have to be expensive. Make your small town station look like and act like a big city station.

Have you thought about a complete "make over". Completely change your format, maybe rock or R&B or talk radio with local and national shows. Now that KTAN stopped doing talk, we could use a good talk station.
The majority of songs played are real quality country classics...much appreciated!! So...why is it necessary to play the mindless, shallow tunes like Blake or Carrie tunes or rap?

I read your last editorial, San Diego has the same deal with using official letterhead to sell utility insurance from a private company. So it's not just a Benson thing, it is all over the county. One of the San Diego TV Stations did a story on it about a year ago. Maybe your station can do a news story on it also. See if any other cities in Southern AZ. are doing the same thing.

Take Florida Georgia Line off the survey, and keep them off the air. More local news, less sports.

Love Joaquin Harrow he's the best morning personailty I have listen to for ever He's the main reason I listen to the Cave

Play a few Bluegrass every so often.

Ask your evening & afternoon guy's to get into the job a lot more. Scott does fine

Some people like Joaquin's sports talk while other hate it. Why don't you give him 2 or 3 hours on Saturday where all he talks about is sports, no music. Maybe people can call in and talk with him. Then during his regular show during the week he can keep silent on sports, thus keeping everybody happy.

Joa quin is getting so full of himself I don't listen to the morning show anymore

As I stated earlier, I wish you covered a larger area. But, as far as content is concerned, you all are great!!

Have a variety of music types like country in the morning, Mexican in afternoon, rock at night, jazz on weekends etc. Since you are the only radio station in Benson you need to serve everybody. Maybe a talk show too

After reading others comments, I have to agree that your website is below par. But overall you've got a good radio station. I don't think you need to change much, just a little updating and and some minor changes, maybe some new jingles

I like your station, but your web site really stinks. I don't know why but it seems like that if you have a business today, you have to have a constantly updated Facebook page and a Twitter page. All the so called experts say that social media is the way to reach and inform the "millennials". I personally don't see a lot of value in social media, but if it brings in more listeners and advertisers I guess it is worth it. I also like on your "outdated" website the part where you share the comments made by listeners. Have you had any really strange or bizarre comments or suggestions? Those might be fun to read and get a good laugh.

It's great. We re full time RV'ers and listen to CAVE all over the country. We sty in benson at least 1 month every year. Keep doin' what you are doin'! THANK YOU! Pete & Cathy Linton

Don't mess with perfection

Keep it as is...live and local which is a rarity these days. Don't mess with the audio...you sound great!

Stay in Benson. I know the city council is goofed up, but if you leave, they win. Don't change anything. The format is great, the live DJ's are great, and the whole sound of your station is wonderful. I have it on all day in my office.

I like the new section on your website that lists some of our comments. Have you had any real strange or bizarre suggestions? I would like to see those just to get a good laugh.


Stay away from the so called "country" that has a techno beat or anything that could be considered "country rap".

Hire a sales person who won't quit.

would have a web on face book. the city of benson would half to straighten out or then if they do not pull out, and find a place outside their city limit with no talk if no responce.

I don't mind the Joaquin talking but does it always have to be about sports, can't he talk about other things? Over all you got a really good station. How about trying this to get more people listening and more people buying adds. Bill yourself as the "All New Cave". You don't have to change much maybe some of the DJ's can use a different on air name, mix things up a little and have your survey ask if you like the "New Cave". The best part it shouldn't cost any money and maybe your listeners and advertisers will grow. 

Play a larger mix of music instead of the same ones over and over.....there are thousands of choices out there. Why stick to only 400 or so??

I enjoy Joaquins morning sports commentaries and seldom miss them. They are well thought out and enjoyable because of there highly opinionated format. When it comes to politics I think we have a completely different matter. The cave is obviously very liberal in its leanings and while I dont share the opinions as a station it has every right to express what it feels...as long as it does so in an "editorial" format. For Joaquin to use innuendo to promote his political feelings is neither just or enjoyable. Maybe he can narrate his thoughts in an editorial...at least that would clearly label the product he wishes to promote. R Chandos Dragoon Az.

I like your radio station, maybe change things around a little so that you look new, but over all you don't need to change much. I like the new section on your website that lists some of our comments. Have you had any real strange or bizarre suggestions? I would like to see those just to get a good laugh. 

Play more of the 80"s and 90's Country

I say PAUL LOTSOF for MAYOR!!.. The only guy who could get some things done..
Love that you are online and I can listen in Pennsylvania. Keep with the current format and DJ's. Stay in Benson, the council needs to feel the pressure.
Have a variety of music types like country in the morning, Mexican in afternoon, rock at night, jazz on weekends etc. Since you are the only radio station in Benson you need to serve everybody. Maybe a talk show too

That is some list ... how about the Highway Men Buck Owens, Asleep at the Wheel, Bob Wills, add some old country to the list too. Anyway, I listened to the CAVE when I lived in St. David for a year, and I now listen to the CAVE in CA where I now reside. I like the choice of music, especially for the morning show with Joaquin, so much more to my liking than the "Bobby Bones" show so popular now. (If you are not familar with it .. mornings tune into 105.9 KRAZy Country from Santa Ynez, CA.) Long story, like I said, I enjoy the music selection on the CAVE. Please don't stop. Thank you. 

Seems to me that there is something wrong with that.. I live in St. David.. we shop in Benson..pay taxes that benefit Benson.. but have no say as to Benson city council issues.. when they affect us also? We have no say re: stupid things mayor and council does??.. re: ridiculous housing project???.. Just wrong..  

Loyal CAVE listener since 1991!!.. Love it.. 

none of this nonsense that is going on!.. Iím doing a write in!!..renda..

More power so we can hear you farther away. (if the FCC will allow it). Also would like more news local and county

I enjoy sports especially about the good guys like the Dallas Cowboys and don't like to hear about those stinkin' Detroit teams.... (Smile)

I am old school, I like DJ's in lieu of pre-canned automated music. However, I realize that personnel costs are most of the time an employers single biggest expense. I hope you can keep having live local personalities on the air. But if the choice is to have live local people or go out of business, then by all means go to an automated pre-canned format. I would still listen no matter what you decide. Small town local radio is where it is at, not big stations from big cities.

Keep playing the older (BETTER) stuff. Keep adding new older music to your playlists. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

Stay in BENSON AZ!!

Move down to Whetstone. It sounds like Benson doesn't appreciate you if they won't let you fix up your station. Get the heck out! It sounds like the City Council is crazy, like Tombstone's and Huachuca City's! I love your announcers. Bill and Joaquin and everyone else. Thanks for being you.

Move over here to Sierra Vista. Remember back in the cold war days when "Radio Free Europe" was always touted to be the saving grace for the eastern european countries. Well, my brother calls Sierra Vista "Radio Free Sierra Vista." Robots playing music, and very little good music at that. ;) Thanks.

I love your station and I have friends in the DFW area and in "By God" West Virginia listening on their computers.

Don't change anything

I like your mix of old and new country music. Some stations are all new and others are all old. You guy do a great job of balancing the two.
I would like to hear more local news, community events etc. All things local are great.
I like your city council reports, a Benson radio station should cover all things Benson.
Have you ever seen the web site "radiolineup.com"? Several people have posted comments about you station there. They all seem to be very positive.
Keep up the good work.

If Joaquin stopped airing sports, no one would die. I'd rather hear Chris talk about movies and local events rather than hear this joke queen talk about sports. Please replace joke queen with Chris.

the local ads are soooo annoying. But other then that I love the station and real country music instead of some of the stuff that is made today.

Continue with the "Foursome" format: Pick subject, play 4 songs with that word in the song; ie Roses or Picik a singers' name ie Hank and play songs by 4 Hank. I know you still do it some.....that to me is unique! Thanks for doing it.

The Benson news is OK, but I'd prefer news from all over Cochise County. I know hiring news people is expensive, maybe you can get college students who are studying journalism at Cochise College to report the news for college credit, and not for pay. When I was going to Cochise College a long time ago I worked at S.V. Police Dept. for college credit and not for pay. I think the class was called cooperative education. If that program is still available you can get free news stories from all over the county. Well it is just a thought.

keep reporting on those thieves

Many years ago, a station in S.V. had an interesting promotion. It was called "guest DJ". They had well known local personalities like the mayor, the justice of the peace, or other city or county officials, prominent business men (especially your good clients), etc announce a coupe of songs during the day. Each one was only on the air for about a half hour. Maybe once a week a different person for about an hour or less. Your current DJs would be there to handle all the equipment and the guest DJs would only talk. Also the community would realize that being a DJ isn't as easy as it sounds, and the community would probably develop a greater appreciation of your staff. It was kind of silly, but it was interesting. Maybe it could get you a few more clients or at least when the guest DJ's are on the air they will have all their friends and family listening, Maybe get a few more listeners and the best part is it wouldn't cost you anything.

I know this survey is for your exclusive use, however, maybe you can post some of the comments or suggestions on your web site. It would be fun to see what others are saying and see if we agree or disagree with them. Keep up the good work


. I don't really like the 2 country stations in Sierra Vista, one is modern country and the other is classic. I like a little of each and your station provides that balance. I only have to listen to one station instead of switching back and forth to get a good mix of old and new.

Also have you checked out the website "radiolineup.com"? They have said some nice things about your station there.

In my opinion, modern "country" music has deteriorated to the same level as pop-rock-rap-en-crap. When I listen to the new guitar banging, nasal whining songs, the "artist" has monotone, no melody, songs are repetitive bs, and the "accompanying music" overpowers the singer. When I listen to Johnny Cash, Merle Hagaard, Jim Ed Brown, Connie Smith, Patsy Cline, they have a true musical talent, not just some hollering and screaming non-sensical words.

don't know whose's writing your commercials, but the line (Mary-Ann's) "What's a book" - that's a winner - and unfortunately all too true.
"We will never know who you are" - I don't mind - Graham "Gabby" McDonald. "Gabby" is not just a name - it's a description. I'm a Tombstone 'board-walker'.
Good music right now - Buck Owens with Buck Trent - "Loves Gonna Live Here Again." Keep up the good work..... Can you dig up a copy of "Buck's Polka"?

Get more power, so we can listen from farther away, like when we go to Tucson. I listen on my computer at work and on a radio in my car.

Your radio station is pretty good, but your web-site is second class. How about some pictures about your station and the Benson area, and maybe some station history. Where are your old on-air folks. How about a Facebook page

Less talk from joaquin

seems you play the same songs over and over.. I would like to hear the older guys. Faron Young, Johnny Rodriguez, Johnny Horton,Charlie Pride. I turn my radio on the first thing in the morning..I have a radio in the kitchen, the bathroom and my bedroom and at night I wear my headphones..DO I LIKE YOUR STATION??? seems so. I like Joaquin and Debbie a lot..Keep em coming...

I don't care about the Benson City Council reports because I live in Tucson. I listen to you radio station at work on my computer. There are a lot of radio stations in Tucson I could listen to, but for a reason I can't really explain, I like your station.

I like your editorials you post on the web. Is there a reason why one hasn't been posted in quite some time? I strongly agree with you that the city should not get involved with the developers of the Villages at Vigneto. If a company wants to develop land they need the resources to be able to do so. Just like any other business if you are under capitalized. you will fail ! The city's job is not to finance a business, only to create an environment for business to prosper IE: zoning changes, expedited building permits, cutting through red tape etc. If the Mayor and Council proceed with bankrolling this project, Benson and it's citizens will be on the hook for many years to come. If the city wants to finance business why don't they create a tax district to build a state of the art broadcast facility and lease it to you for a dollar a year. YEAH RIGHT. The snake oil the developers of the Villages at Vigneto are trying to sell reminds me of when SEAGO (Southeast Arizona Governments Organization) in the early 70's said that Sierra Vista was the primer area for growth in Arizona. They predicted that the population of Sierra Vista was poised to go over 100,000 in 20 years or less. Yes Sierra Vista grew, however, no where near what was predicted. Hope you find a new home for your station soon and get out of Benson. Have you looked at property in Pomerene?

While change can be a good thing. Sometimes too much too fast can be a bad thing. Overall I like your station, however your web-site leaves a lot to be desired

I enjoy Joaquin's rant on sports - he is knowledgeable -- so let him rant! His fertilizer is s-m-o-o-o-oth. Debbie has a great radio voice. Bill and Scott do a good job also. My husband and I are back in Iowa, but whenever I'm on the computer I listen to the CAVE!

Your Live Remote was amazing today. You really need Joaquin to do many more Remote Broadcast in Sierra Vista.

.. is there a need for all of the recorded church services on Sundays? Maybe rotate the churches, and fill-in some opened-up space with some really good "old-time" country gospel, and some from the newer artists? There's a treasure trove of great country gospel music out there! Might be worth a try. PS. I cannot choose just 3 in the list above. :) Thanks for the opportunity to give my five cents worth as a CAVE listener.

MORE JOAQUIN, EL MAGNIFICO! And a pay raise for him, LOL ;)

I live in Huachuca City so I'm not that interested in the Benson city council reports, but i can live with it. I realized that Benson city government is just as screwed up as H.C. Your web site is a little old fashioned are you planning on up dating it? Some other web sites have the local weather and news updates on them, just a suggestion. You have a good radio station so please don't change too much.

Stop playing such old music

The studio really needs to be in a better location. The city of Benson is sorry and needs to go to hell.


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