When Scott Swanson was only eight years old, his grandpa put him to work in the familyís frozen food factory.   Always curious, Scott wandered into a walk-in freezer and accidentally  locked  himself inside.  By the time one of the workers found him, he was  so covered with ice and frost that the employee mistook him for a turkey.

Had Scottís mouth not defrosted quickly, he might have become part of a TV dinner. 

Ever since his mouth thawed out, Scott has enjoyed talking and he does plenty of that on CAVE-FM.   When he isnít too busy doing other things, Scott does our afternoon program.   And yes, Grandpa Swanson did teach Scott that it is blessed to work.  Scott has been a teacher, a member of the Benson City Council,  he's run a newspaper delivery company, owned a gas station and he continues to run a tax consulting company. For some strange reason, Scott often complains that he is tired.


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