Waqueen Haro entered this world in December of 1963. He would be the youngest of ten children, or maybe it was only six. We’re not sure, but Jukeen quips that if all of his relatives listened to his radio program, it would have the largest audience in the State of Arizona. Joqeen grew up in Benson and after he graduated from the Benson High School he attended a radio school in Phoenix where he learned how to correctly pronounce such words as song, music, news and time. He also learned to talk like a radio announcer. When he graduated from the radio school, CAVE-FM had just gone on the air so Joukeen asked the CAVEMANager for a job. A couple months later, Joakeen was a radio star at 3 o’clock in the morning when he couldn’t do much damage. A few months later, the CAVE morning personality quit and Juakeen was promoted to prime time. Back in those days he loved to talk about his future plan which was to someday do a morning program in Detroit. Why Detroit? Because it’s a big city where radio people make big bucks, and Detroit has the best sports teams on earth. But fate got in the way. Jouqueen met a girl from Casa Grande and he married her in1988. No way would Debbie leave Casa Grande so that killed Detroit. At about that time, Frank Sinatra bought a radio station in Casa Grande and Jaquin got a job working for "Old Blue Eyes". He never did meet the world’s most famous crooner but did meet his daughter Nancy. Frank Sinatra ultimately sold the radio station and Wukeen found himself commuting between Casa Grande and Benson so that he could work afternoons on CAVE-FM. But that lasted only a couple months. Jokeen then got a job driving old people around Phoenix but he was still stuck living in Casa Grande. Finally, in early 2005 Debbie changed her mind and let the family move to Benson. And that explains why Juakuine is now doing the CAVE morning program. Joakuin now has three children of his own; two girls and a little boy. Guess what the little boy’s name is. Hint: It’s a name that nobody can spell.

To The Cavemen