Frank Luna

Some of our listeners may think that Frank Luna is new to CAVE FM but in actuality he's been associated with our station for about 25 years. The CAVE MANager got a call from Frank back in the 1990s when he was working for a station in Nogales. Frank was looking for a gig closer to his home in Tucson so Benson fit in. Frank's worked for several stations in the Tucson area, mostly doing technical chores. From time to time he becomes a CAVEMAN and then leaves and comes back. Frank  lives with his faithful companion named Oona who happens to be a dog that's about the size of a cat.  But Oona is at least ten times as noisy as any cat and sometimes she barks when Frank is on the air. Doesn't sound professional but Frank won't leave Oona home. You can hear Frank and Oona on selected afternoons on CAVE 97.7 FM..

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