Debbie Post came from one of Benson’s pioneer families. Her great grandparents arrived in a covered wagon and started the Post Ranch. They also established Post Road. Many members of Debbie’s family are deeply religious and embrace very traditional values. Early in life, Debbie decided that going to heaven was too much trouble so she decided to try to have her fun here on earth. Accordingly, she does things that her relatives only dream of doing. Debbie’s made her living in a wide variety of ways. For years she was an escrow officer until a truck smashed into her office one night. The truck driver didn’t find what he wanted but it sure made a mess of the office. We’re not sure what got Debbie interested in radio but she applied for a job at CAVE-FM about 15 years ago, and when we put her on the air, everyone started asking about that sexy voice. Debbie’s worked every air shift that exists at one time or another, and she stars on many commercials. She’s also sold a good deal of advertising for us. She sees life from a woman's perspectiv". Debbie Post is quite entertaining.

To The Cavemen